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Chpt 5. Exams, Yay?
Kimiko's POV
Today was the day of the exams and when you get assigned teams with a Jonin teacher. I wonder which team I'll be in. I put on my ninja outfit and decided to walk to the academy since I had a lot of time on my hands. When I got there I saw Naruto swinging on the swing looking down. I walked up to him and got on my knees in front of him
" Naruto what's wrong"
"Hm, oh um yeah"
"Then why are you looking down and why aren't you saying your special speech"
"Its just everyone hates me and I dont know why"
"Well I'll let you in on a secret"
"Do you know about the tailed beast"
"Hm I think so, their the beast thingies with tails, right"
"Hehe exactly, and you know how people can get one sealed in them"
"Whoa really"
"So why are you telling me this"
"Because I-I h-have one of th-them sealed inside me."
"Wait so you have some kind of beast in you"
I looked down knowing that he was just going to reject me like everybody else.
T-that is.... AWESOME"
I could tell
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Chpt 4. I Hate Being The New Girl.
I woke up and stared doing my routine and put on my ninja outfit. I really didn't want to go to the academy but whatever.
Time Skip (Academy)
I walked in (oh did I mention I was late) and everyone's eyes were on me.I heard the teacher mumble 'oh yeah I forgot'
"Ok class this is our new student would you like to introduce yourself"
"uhh" I walked up to the front of the classroom and introduced myself. "Kimiko, Questions?" "What's your favorite color" "Why is your hair blue" "Do you like anyone" I scoffed at all the stupid questions I had to answer "orange, natural, and no I hate everyone, there no more questions?" "Umm you can go sit between Naruto and Sasuke" Naruto and Sasuke raised their hands to show me where they were. Iruka started class, but I ignored everything he said because I already knew what he was talking about. Why did I have to come to this stupid academy.
Time Skip ( A day before the exam)
I completely hate the academy,but the exams are tomorrow so I can finally get out
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Chpt 3. Arriving At Konoha
Kimiko's POV
Since the Kazekage kicked me out of Suna I was just going to go to Konagakare, but I'd have to pass through the Land of Waves. I saw two people at the gate to get out of this village. One was wearing a blue strap on his chest, blue pants with 4 white buttons, cow arm and leg warmers, a white mask covering his nose and below, and he had a big ass sword. The other one I think was a boy had a dark green and beige robe on and long black hair in a bun and two little bangs at the side of his face.
"Hey mister"
"Your Zabuza Momochi right"
"Umm can I train with you please"
"Well I have nothing better to do,so sure."
I trained with Zabuza and Haku for 2 years and I learned 73 jutsu's Haku taught me how to make a ice sword and Zabuza taught me how to use the ice sword and I named the ice sword fuzen(sin)
Haku showed me his keikei genkei and I made a jutsu similar to his but its shattered glass that pierces through your skin until you die. (Im so cruel) and a lot of oth
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Chpt 2. Meeting Gaara
Kimiko's POV
I arrived at Sunagakure after 2 weeks and I didn't know what to do 'maybe I should go look for a house or maybe I should-'
"What's the water beast doing in Suna? We already have enough monsters in this village" A man growled at me,as he walked forward raising his fists to hit me. An image of my parents came to mind and I stood there frozen, my eyes wide and teary.
Suddenly a wave of sand covered the man completely, forcing him to the ground as sand formed around him,creating a ball effectively crushing him. An ear piercing scream rang from the sand as the man was crushed.
I turned to see a kid my age with red hair and seafoam green eyes. I quickly wiped my tears as I spoke to the kid.
"Oh! Um.. thanks..."I trailed off not knowing his name; Hinting him to give me his name.
"Gaara...Sabaku no Gaara" He replied eyeing me cautiously. I gave him a smile in return as I told him my name and he instantly relaxed.
"Kimiko...Just Kimiko" I frowned as I never really knew my last name
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Water Barrier Chtp 1. My Horrible Parents
Kimiko's POV
Mommy and daddy are fighting again. I think it's about me though. I'm not really sure...
Daddy came outside of his room and roughly shoved me out of the house again. Which made me fall and roll on the ground. I laid there for a bit and stood up, patting myself to get the dirt off me.
This was probably like the 30th time they've done this. I've gotten used to it by now. I guess it's time to visit Kusu-nee again. Kusu-nee is a really close friend, he even knows about him.
I started walking though the village, while everyone either glared at me or Ignored me completely. As I was nearing the center of the village, I ran into Kusu-nee.
"Hey Kimi-chan, what are you doing out here?" He asked, while looking down at me. I shook my head and spoke.
"Mommy and Daddy locked me out again" I sniffled as I buried my head into his stomach. He hugged me gently as I hugged him tightly. He let go of me after a few moments.
"You know what to do, come on." He said while holding my hand, and wal
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Water Barrier Naruto Love Story
Name: Kimiko Suki
Personally:Cold, Mean, Intelligent, Lonely, and Party Pooper,Nozy
Appearance:(When she's young.) Shoulder length darkblue hair that she usually puts in a side ponytail, big turquoise eyes, a fishnet shirt that ends above her belly button and then a shorter black shirt over the fishnet, a black and turquoise choker around her neck, black and turquoise shorts, bandages below her left elbow and above her right knee then a kunai pouch on the bandages, and regular black ninja shoes.
Village: Land of Waves.
Chakra nature(s): Water,Wind,Earth,and Lighting.
Keikei Genkei: you'll learn later.
Story: Again you'll learn later.
PS: I also have this story on Wattpad.
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Making sure again
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Gaara x Reader :The Beach
You were forcing your brother Sasuke to come to the beach with you and your friends.
Come on Sasuke just come with me to the beach . No I'm not coming with you  (y/n). But I'm going to be wearing a short bathing suit and there is going to be boys there are you really gonna let your innocent sister go out on her own are you. Fine I'll come if your begging me.
 **********Small Time Skip**********
So who's here onee-san "um Naruto, Sakura,Tamari,you and of course me.Onee-san why did you invite Sakura didn't you two get in a fight. Yes I invited her so she wouldn't be mad at me anymore. I saw Tamari and ran straight to her. Hey Tamari how are you do. You were cut off by seeing a red haired boy with a gourd in his hand and his shirt off. Oh yeah you haven't seen my brothers yet this is Gaara. She pointed to the guy with red hair and this is my super annoying other brother Kankuro. I could see Tamari talking but didn't hear anything   I just kept looking at Gaara. Then two fin
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just making sure
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Superfamily: Conversations ch.3
"Hey there’s my favorite nerd!" Peter was pushed against a locker.
"C’mon Flash not today man. You can double tomorrow or triple I don’t care just, please let me slip away for right now." He pleaded.
"No man that just wouldn’t be fair to the others." Flash raised his fist and punched him.
Opening his eyes he saw that he had stopped his first from intercourse with his own face. Next thing he knew HE had Flash pinned up against the locker. Everyone around them was screaming "Fight!" Peter let Flash go and broke through the crowd but was stopped as soon as he heard a "Mr.Parker."
"Yes I know where to go." Walking towards the principal’s office he thought of all the shit he was going to get at home.
"So what sort of fuckery you caused up now?"
"Nice to see you too uncle Clint." They laughed and headed towards Clint’s car.
"No seriously dude what’s up? This isn’t like you Peter."
Peter mused for a second, sure he could trust Clint he asked
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Superfamily: The Incident ch.2
Years passed and Peter was now 16.
"Wake up!" Peter felt a pillow hit his face and the covers pulled off.
He laughed. "Okay I’m up I’m up." "
Good because Steve just finished making our breakfast."
"Yea." Peter smiled brightly and ran down stares as Tony followed behind him.
"There are my two favorite boys." Steve smiled and set their plates down.
"I don’t want to rush you peter but if I don’t you’ll be late for school to hurry up and eat."
Peter was already stuffing his face as if he hadn’t eaten in days.
"Not that fast you dork." Tony thumped his head and Peter slowed down.
"It’s just so good. Thanks dad." He got ready as soon as he finished and got his skateboard on the way out.
"Peter!" Steve stopped him before he ran out. "Be careful and I don’t want to hear anything from your school about that thing."
"Okay dad."
"And remember your curfew." Tony added from his spot on the couch.
"Yes dad how could I forget if you remind m
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SuperFamily: Adoption ch.1
"Tony! Come over here!" he quietly called him over.
"Him. I want him." Tony looked over to the quietly snoozing baby, then took a glance at Steve’s pleading eyes.
"Okay fine." To be honest Tony didn’t want a child, he wasn’t really the best with children, but if Steve wanted him who was he to say no.
Settling the baby back down into the crib Steve followed Tony to the main office. After hours of signing papers and such they were granted the permission to take the young one home.
"Tony.. thank you." He pulled Tony down and gave him a long passionate kiss. "I know you didn’t want one but trust me you’ll learn to love him."
"Mhm." Those were his responses for most of the day, he was still unsure about the whole situation. Tony sat down next to Steve as he watched the baby’s chest move up and down at his own sleeping rhythm. Grabbing the papers over their new family member, both of them started looking through the info.
"It says here his name is
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Love Is War. Team Minato (? x reader) part 19

The teacher of the students watched in amusement as the young ninja argued with his student
who knew today's "lesson" would be so entertaining~ he chuckled lightly as he continued to watch the students throw eachother insults.
Minato began to struggle with Obito's constant squirming
"Obito! Quit it!"
Obito ignored his sensei as he struggled to get free.. oh how he wants to just teach that little shrimp a lesson. dang brat insulting him and hitting on you! who does he think he is!
"Hey goggles you call yourself a ninja and you can't even escape that old man's grip! hahaha" the little boy laughed as he pointed at Obito mocking him
Minato's eye twitched he is almost tempted to let Obito go
but before Obito could throw a remark the little boy turned to you with a dreamy look in his eyes
"Hime-sama? Please choose me to be your ninja in gear. I will be the best man for you-
"you're just a small brat!!!"
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Love Is War. team Minato (? x reader) part 18

A little boy raises his hand and Minato nods at him
"Yes. What's your question" he smiles at the child
"It's for the masked ninja!" he points at Kakashi making said boy raise a brow and nod at the child to continue
"What's with the weird haircut!"
Kakashi's eye and fingers twitched with that question. Before he could go smack the little boy Minato placed his hand on Kakashi's shoulder laughing nervously
" maybe you guys should just ask us ninja stuff ok"  
Some kids look disappointed but nodded none the less.
The same little boy raises his hand and Minato nodded at the kid
"It's for goggles."
Obito glared at the little brat...I mean boy making Minato sweatdrop
"What" Obito growled clenching his fist
"How did you become a ninja. You look like an idiot"
A vein popped on Obito's forehead as he stomped over to the little boy. Ready to strangle the kid. But again Minato interfered.
"May you kids please refrain from insulting my stud
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Love Is War. Team Minato (? x reader) part 17

"Hey (yyyyyy/nnnnn)  Rin!!!"
You both look to the side to see obito waving and running up to you guys with a dust of pink on his cheeks
Rin frowned a bit and forced a smile on her face 
"Good morning Obito"
"Hi obito" you smiled at him making his blush worsen when he stopped in front of you guys
"So what were you girls talking about. Talking about me huh" he wiggles his eyebrows making you giggle at how odd he is
"No. kakashi" you teased making him glare and clench his fist 
"Yes actually and we were having girl talk"
"Can I be in on it" Obito looked at you with puppy eyes making you sweatdrop
"Obito don't be nosy" Rin scolded Obito making him pout
"(sigh) fine fine" 
"We should head to the training grounds now. Rin maybe we can continue our conversation later. Is that alright"
Rin smiled and nodded
The three of you walked to the training grounds and see Kakashi and Minato sensei leaning on the tree waiting for the
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50 ways to piss off Sasori
1. Refer to him as your "sex puppet"
2. Suggest that Deidara calling him "master" might not be as innocent as everyone thinks
3. Show him fanfiction
4. Record his reaction
5. Flick him constantly
6. If he asks you to stop, tell him he shouldn't care since he can't feel it anyway
7. Tell him his parents finally came home to Suna right after he left
8. Point out that all the red heads in Naruto are screwed
9. Laugh at him for being beat up by an old hag and a sixteen year old
10. Ask if he kept his "vital organs" when he turned himself into a puppet
11. If he refuses to answer, assume that means no
12. Ask him if that makes it difficult for Deidara when they're being intimate
13. Ask if he'll put on a puppet show for you
14. Take Deidara's clay and blow up his puppets
15. Blame Deidara
16. If he tries to talk to you, make loud beeping sounds
17. Inform him he needs counseling
18. Ask why the hell he keeps his heart in a pringles container
19. Ask him to paint your nails for you
20. Graff
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50 Ways to Piss off Zetsu
1. Tell him he should see a therapist about his split personality disorder
2. Ask how he gets his shirt on over the flytrap on his head
3. Buy him plant food
4. When he asks what the hell that’s for, tell him he can’t get vitamins from eating people
5. Accuse him of stealing some of the bodies Sasori wanted to make into puppets
6. Show him ZetsuTobi
7. Ask if watching cross pollination is like porn to him
8. Put ZetsuKisa posters up around the lair
9. Tell everyone it was his idea
10. Ask if he can talk to plants
11. Call him a flower child
12. Set fire to his plants
13. Blame it on Hidan
14. Ask if he’s a clown
15. Hire him to entertain at birthday parties (warning: this will NOT go well)
16. Tell him he’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
17. Convince Kakuzu it’d be cheaper to use him as a Christmas tree
18. Threaten him with gardening tools
19. Spray him with Weed Killer
20. Ask what species his parents were
21. Set him up on a blind date
22. With a tree
23. Ask
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50 Ways to Piss Off Pein
1. Wave a magnet in his face
2. Ask if he uses all his bodies for an orgy
3. Tell him his eyes are creepy and the Sharingan looks way cooler
4. Call him Yondaime
5. Pretend you believe him to be a shadow
6. Ask if any other shadows can talk, or if he’s just magical
7. Tell him one of his bodies looks like a girl
8. Tell him Zetsu’s hitting on Konan
9. Ask what kind of parents name their kid “Pein” (It means the same thing in Japanese as pain)
10. Tell him it’s really lame how all his bodies have the same name, and that as an evil mastermind he should have more creativity.
11. Point out that his eyes look like targets
12. Try to hit them when training with kunai
13. Ask if he needs a hug
14. Tell him his god-complex is just lame and will get him killed
15. Show him Death Note as proof
16. Ask WHY he wants to even take over the world
17. Follow him around constantly
18. If he asks what you’re doing, say you’re playing “Follow the Leader”
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50 Ways to Piss off Hidan
1. Tell him Jesus loves him. Constantly
2. Call his god “Jasmin”
3. Ask where he got the purple contacts
4. Start one of those jars where a person has to put in a nickel every time they curse
5. Have Kakuzu monitor the jar (you know he will ^^)
6. Ask if you can borrow his necklace
7. Write “____ was here” on his scythe
8. Blame Deidara for it
9. Send him sex notes
10. Say they’re from Zetsu
11. Tell him he takes being emo to the extreme
12. Dress up as an emo and greet him as your brethren
13. Suggest that the two of you cut your wrists together
14. Laugh when his head gets cut off
15. Ask why the hell he’s so annoying
16. Pat his shoulder and say “It’s okay to be gay”
17. Tie him down and pierce his bellybutton
18. Steal his hair gel
19. Shave his head
20. Buy him the Bible for his birthday
21. Show him KakuHidan
22. Show him HidanSaku
23. Put disturbing pictures of Kakuzu up in his room
24. Ask when the two of them are getting married
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50 Ways to Piss Off Itachi
1. Inform him that Sasuke could probably kill him in his sleep
2. Whenever he gets angry, ask if he’s PMSing
3. Ask about his sex life
4. Show him KisaIta and ItaDei
5. Show him ItaSasu
6. Record his reaction
7. Give him dark glasses for his birthday
8. Or a cane
9. Whenever he walks into a room, play “I am beautiful”
10. Whenever he walks into a room, play “Barbie girl”
11. Pat him on the shoulder and say “he touched you, didn’t he?” then walk away
12. Accuse him of drawing the lines under his eyes
13. Whenever he walks by say “Maybe it’s natural, maybe it’s Mayebelline”
14. Ask who does his nails
15. Cut off his ponytail and gel his hair to stand up (note: This will make him look JUST LIKE SASUKE, so you may have to fight off fangirls once you do this)
16. Inform him that he’s “a couple commas short of a Sharingan.” (yes, I came up with that myself)
17. Offer to strip for him (if you’re a girl)
18. When
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50 Ways to Piss Off Deidara
1. Tell him Sasori loves him
2. Ask if it’s fun to be Uke
3. Take his clay
4. Replace it with Play-Doh
5. Steal his eye-scope
6. Paint it pink
7. Show him SasoDei
8. Show him ItaDei
9. Wink and tell him you know of a “good use” for the mouths on his hands
10. Say “un” at the end of your sentences to mock him
11. Run around yelling “I win! My art wins!” (he says this TWICE in his battle with Sasuke)
12. Ask if he’s depressed
13. Compare him to Iraqi suicide bombers
14. Tell him his sculptures suck
15. Steal Itachi’s mascara and put it in his room
16. Inform him that black nail polish is soooo last year
17. Offer him speech therapy
18. Tell him Gaara has a crush on him
19. Go up to him and say “Excuse me miss, but I-oh! Hey Deidara!”
20. Keep emphasizing how EASILY Itachi beat him
21. Side with Sasori in all of their arguments
22. Call him Dei-chan
23. Tell him art is boring
24. Every time he says “art is a bang”, yell
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50 Ways to Piss Off Kakuzu
1. Call him Zuzu or Kazu
2. Tell him he’s almost as much of a cold-hearted bastard as Pein or Madara
3. Tell him he seriously needs some moisturizer
4. Ask if you can borrow one of his hearts
5. Dye his stitches pink
6. Ask what’s wrong with his eyes
7. When the faces come out of his back, make a face and say “Ew, his pimples burst!”
8. Ask why he can throw up string and if that’s really useful
9. Accuse him of being the one to start the nail polish trend
10. Cut out one of his tentacles
11. Play jump rope with it
12. Ask if you can borrow some money
13. Compare him to Mr. Krabs (both are REALLY cheap ^__^)
14. Tell Hidan he’s in love with him
15. Tell TOBI he’s in love with him
16. Whenever he walks into a room, play “Coming Undone”
17. Whenever he walks into a room, play  “What What” (the gay song by Samwell)
18. Ask if either of these songs touch his heart(s)
19. Buy a bunch of issues of Seventeen magazine and show th
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50 Ways to Piss Off Kisame
1. Take him to the aquarium
2. Say you saw his mother there
3. Eat sushi in front of him. Loudly and voiolently.
4. Get sick, cough on him until he catches a cold
5. Feed him shark fin soup *while he's too sick to smell it*
6. Tell him Itachi's leaving him for Tobi
7. Ask if he and Itachi wear matching nailpolish because they're lovers
8. Show him KisaIta
9. Ask if he's REALLY seme
10. Say his sword looks like a giant tampon
11. Ask what the POINT is of wrapping up his blade
12. Ask if his sword is so ridiculously huge because he's compensating for something
13. When he walks into the room, play "Jaws"
14. When he walks into the room, play "I'm Blue"
15. Take him to a gay bar
16. Say he needs help. Big time.
17. Offer him some Prozac
18. Show him ZetsuKisa
19. Record his reaction and show the tape to Zetsu
20. Make pervy allusions to his "sword"
21. Spike his and Itachi's food with Viagra
22. Buy a weasel plush toy and say you found it in his room
23. Accuse him of bathing in blue Kool
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50 Ways to Piss Off Kiba
1. Every time he scratches, suggest that he take a flea bath
2. Or a regular bath even. Just something.
3. Remind him that bestiality is a crime, and it’s kind of strange to have a dog as your life partner
4. Remind him that dogs live shorter lives than people
5. Ask why he doesn’t just admit that he’s hot for Shino already
6. Tell the medi-nins that he has rabies
7. Tell people that he sniffs butts as a greeting
8. Tell him Kurenai’s baby is actually his
9. Tell ASUMA that Kurenai’s baby is actually Kiba’s
10. Every time he sits down, tell him to get off the furniture
11. Tie Akamaru up
12. Then hang him from a rope and use him as a piñata
13. Ask if his long nails cause any problems during his “alone time”
14. Tell all the academy students he has a tail
15. Film them trying to pull his pants down
16. Keep going on and on about how lame it was he was defeated because Naruto FARTED
17. Strip him naked and drop him off at an anime convention
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50 Ways to Piss Off Sakura
1. Ask why she even BOTHERS chasing after Sasuke, when it’s so obvious he’s gay
2. Tell her she’s completely useless
3. If she denies it, show her all the clips where they actually SAY in the series that she’s useless
4. Accuse her of trying to seduce Kakashi
5. Ask why she won’t just admit her love for Naruto/Lee already
6. Tell her that her forehead is HUGE
7. Tell her she shouldn’t be so jealous of Ino, because she a FEW okay traits as well
8. When she asks what they are, pretend to think hard for a long time, then say “Okay, you’re right. You suck.”
9. Call her “Suckura”
10. Show her all the “We Hate Sakura” clubs
11. Send her Naruto’s Ramen bill
12. Put a bunch of InoSaku in her room
13. Tell her Ino dropped it off there…as a hint
14. Ask if her “night job” pays well
15. Ask where she got the contacts
16. Tell her that her hair reminds you of really cheap bubblegum
17. Tell Naruto she has a HUGE c
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